Help button

With the support of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Fund for Assistance to the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere" (Fund for Assistance to Innovation) Work is underway on the project: Electronic stationary device for emergency notification and remote monitoring «Help Button». A digital service that improves the quality of online life.

The project is planned within the framework of the national project 'Demography' and in order to create a system of long-term care for elderly citizens and disabled people in need of constant or periodic outside help, who, due to life circumstances, have been left without the care of relatives and friends.

Direction of development: Installation of a special stationary electronic device 'Home Station' at the place of residence of the recipient of the service, designed for emergency communication with a social worker - a nurse. Integration of the system with existing databases.

The main functions of the device: The stationary unit performs the main function, peripheral devices are connected to it.

This device will be equipped with a prominent red SOS button with the function of a voice call in both directions via GSM communication, by simply pressing a button, the device will make a voice call to downloaded phone numbers. Also, this device will be able to receive hands-free calls and connect additional devices via Bluetooth.

Mobile wearable device - an electronic wristband with the ability to make an emergency call by pressing the SOS button, the device will have a fall sensor.

Mobile Button: Transmits an alarm signal to the station via Bluetooth.