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Taylorville, IL

Piece of mind knowing if I have an episode that requires emergency medical intervention, they will be able to quickly see I am allergic to certain medications and will see my medical diagnosis and can treat me properly. Very easy to set up and edit when I went to see my doctor. He was able to quickly verify all information and add the new medication he was putting me on!

Lisa L.

Waco, TX

Great quality & very stylish

It’s my life saving, beautiful piece of jewelry. Excellent quality, writing is clear & easy to read. I'm very happy with it & get many compliments.

Deborah H.

Toronto, ON

I love my new bracelet!!This has been the best bracelet ordered so far and this is my third one. I am a bit rough on the ones with the bands in them and ended up going metal band and it’s working out great.

Jennie M.

Sebring, FL

Recently hadLOVE this bracelet! Recently had bariatric surgery and wanted a medical alert band that was stylish. Light weight, color is beautiful in person. Very happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend.

Justina A.

Heber-Overgaard, AZ

What a beautiful & functional

What a beautiful & functional piece of jewelry. I have showered daily without taking this bracelet off & it has not lost its original shine/luster. I will follow manufacturer advise not to wear in chlorinated pools! I wearing this medical bracelet along side of 2 other “sleeves” ones

Loire C

Toronto, ON

Beautiful medical ID bracelet

I received my beautiful medical ID bracelet yesterday. It fits perfectly and is so pretty. I cannot thank you enough for coming up with something so inspirational for people. It was a great help as well calling about the sizing. What a caring business you run. Wish it could be like that everywhere. Thank you again for a lovely bracelet that I am so proud to wear.

Juliet D.

Worcester, MA

I bought my medi alert necklace from here two years ago and it looks brand new and I wear it every day. It arrived very quickly and was a good price.


Indianapolis, IN

Having lost my Medic Alert Bracelet, I investigated online for another. Variety in design, choice of options, price, and speed of delivery were my criteria. QRepublik Medical I.D. fitted the requirements and definitely did not disappoint. From order to receipt was two days.

Scott F.

San Diego, CA

Awesome customer service and a truly high-quality product!

If you didn't get your medical alert jewelry from them, you got a lesser roduct!

Nicole V.

Colorado Springs, CO

When my husband passed away and I was gonna be alone, I decided to get a Medical Alert. Also, I’ve had a problem with falling a few times and I thought it would come in handy if somebody was to break in my house at night. I could use it to get some help. I always have it on my arm when I go to bed at night and I can use the bracelet better if I have to. One time, I walked out to my mailbox and I picked up a garbage can coming back. It got a little windy then the air caught in the can and set me down on the ground. I could not get up to save my life, so I happened to think about my Medical Alert by QRepublik bracelet and that was very pleasing to know that somebody was on their way to get me up. Right away, I heard the sirens coming my way, so they came straight out and lifted me up. I would recommend Medical ID by QRepublik.


Harlowton, MT

For all occasions! I upgraded to EXTRA, which gives me additional features.

Make sure you understand that the item itself has no electronics and none of your medical data. Instead, emergency responders would need to scan your unique QR code (or use the URL, your unique ID info). They then get your profile online.

It fits my Fitbit Charge 2 wristband snugly. It doesn’t slide around. This was my main reason for buying it, so I didn’t have to wear a medical bracelet in addition to my Fitbit.


Loveland, CO

Even better than before

I have ordered one of these in the past. I have 2 boys with autism who are elopement dangers. The first one had an insert that you wrote on and it smudged pretty badly. This one has a QR code. No smudges and you can update it easily. Definitely a major improvement.

Kenneth Allen jr

Houston, TX

Great product but needs a little refining

Ended up in the hospital today wearing this product for abcense seizures.down side medical personnel saw this product but did not know it was a medical id bracelet ,upside once my fiance told them what it was they ripped it off my wrist and scanned the QR CODE then where able to pull up all my medical information .Wish it said in case of emergency please scan QR CODE ATTACHED because if my fiance was not with me they would not have known it was more then a braelet.


Orlando, FL

Perfect addition to generic bracelet.

I bought this to put on my bracelet because I have multiple allergies. I wear a USB bracelet or necklace too, and always carry a wallet card. This is small writing, but very easy to read. It is not just stamped on or a sticker, when you run your nail over it, you can feel the etching. It is just as durable as my stainless steel bracelet.

Durability is great too. I don't ever take mine off and do a lot of work with my hands. Gardening and building have not harmed it. Even painting and using chemicals seem to be no cause for concern. I might not ever need one again, but think I will get one for each of my family members with medical alerts.

Tate K.

Atlanta, GA

Amazing item!!

Anyone that has a serious medical condition should have one of these products!! I would highly recommend! Website was very simple to fill out and will hold all of the information that you have free of charge. You could pay a small amount a month for a paid plan that holds alot more information. But seriously, I don't know why you would need it. It is amazing all the information the free subscription holds. More than I needed and I have alot of medical problems! Very well made! I don't know why these shouldn't last a lifetime. AND AS FAR AS I CAN TELL, IT IS MADE AND MAINTAINED IN THE GOOD OLD USA!!!! That's worth it right there, in my opinion!!! I would highly recommend this sleeve and don't think you will regret the small amount this will cost compared to the piece of mind you get with it!! Buy it!! What have you got to loose??!!!

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