• What is QRepublik?

    QRepublik Medical ID is a medical profile which can be accessed anywhere, anytime using bracelets, sticker kits, wallet cards and sleeve for smart watch. It can be used to manage your medical information, save your life in an emergency, or clearly communicate important information to a health care provider.

  • How do I link a QRepublik Medical ID Product to my Profile?

    1. Locate your unique ID on your QRepublik Medical ID Product.
    2. Log into your account using the email you used when creating your account.
    3. Click on Link Product underneath your name and enter your ID.
  • How many products can I link to my profile?

    There is no limit. Feel free to link 10 bracelets, 5 sticker kits, 7 sleeves and a wallet card and so on to one profile. Once you make an update to that profile, all your linked products are updated instantaneously. Oh, that's nice!

  • What happens if I lose my band?

    No worries, simply log into your account and click Manage Linked Products to unlink it. If you end up finding it under the couch, simply link it back to your profile.

  • Are QRepublik Medical ID Profiles free?

    Yes! QRepublik ID Profiles are free for life with the option to add Extra features.

  • How many profiles can I have on my account?

    As many as your heart desires. That's a lot! However, we do monitor abuse, so play nice :)

  • What do I get with QRepublik Extra?

    For $1.99/month, your Extra subscription unlocks powerful features including Additional Categories, Document Storage, Sharing, and Text Alerts when your medical ID is scanned.

  • What's a QR Code?

    QR stands for Quick Response and is sort of like a barcode. You may have seen them on advertisements or even on your bananas! They essentially connect the physical world with the digital world. They can store data and are scannable by any smartphone, which we think is perfect for something as complex as a medical profile.

    Top 10 reasons why you should wear a Medical ID by QRepublik

    1. If you cannot speak by yourself, QREPUBLIK Medical Alert ID will speak for you.
    2. QREPUBLIK Medical Alert ID allows emergency services to immediately contact family and friends, send geolocation, translate information into 17 languages.
    3. QREPUBLIK Medical Alert ID allows family members to provide additional information about your health or consent to potentially life-saving procedures.
    4. QREPUBLIK Medical Alert ID allows hospital staff to find vital medical records.
    5. QREPUBLIK Medical Alert ID can share health information of allergy for medical staff.
    6. QREPUBLIK ID can prevent serious delays in treatment, saving critical time during the golden hour of treatment.
    7. It is much better to have a QRepublik Medical Alert ID and not need it than not to have one. It's not just a service, it's peace of mind.
    8. Accidents happen more often than you think. Every year, about 450,000 of us die in hospitals unconscious and unidentified.
    9. We offer several IDs to choose from for your style and convenience. Add confidence in any situation.
    10. QREPUBLIK Medical Alert ID can save your life.
  • How to block your Medical ID?

    1. Go to your profile
    2. On the left side, click My ID
    3. Select your Medical ID that you want to block
    4. Click Block
    5. You can unlock it at any time for your convenience.