• Authorization and Registration

    Log in to qrepublik.com, Sign in or login into your account, fill in your profile.

  • Linking product

    For new users, linking the product will be offered immediately after registration, for existing users you need to open your profile and click (Link product / device)

  • Enter your ID

    Enter your ID which is located under the QR code on your product, click (Continue).

  • Activate your product

    Open any QR code scanner application and point the camera at the QR code of your product. Follow the link to confirm product linking. For iOS users, a QR code scanner is already preinstalled on the standard camera.

  • You can assign the name to your Medical ID

    After the product is linked to your profile, you can rename your product, or leave the default name.

  • Add and change your data

    Manage your data through your personal account. Add, change or delete your data at any time. The saved information is displayed when your ID is scanned. Please note, that QRepublik protects information from theft, but is not responsible for the quality and correctness of the data entered by the owner of the ID. Every mistake in such data can lead to serious consequences, so be careful when entering.