QRepublik ID

A smart non-electronic emergency ID that tells about a person in situations where help is needed

  • Wearable non-electronic device with a QR code associated with a personal account

    Tells critical information about a person in an emergency from a personal profile by scanning a QR code

  • Manage your data

    One account - multiple profiles

    QRepublik stores several bricks of information that do not merge into anything personal - only unrelated pieces of data without personalization

  • Built-in functions

    Use built-in services

    The QMS depersonalized system selects for you the relevant functions and services available in your Personal Account

  • For whom

    This is for everyone

    Emergency ID technology is relevant for everyone who may be in trouble without the ability to tell about themselves in detail: elderly people, people with disabilities, outdoor enthusiasts and tourists who often face a language barrier, and QRepublik ID translates information into 24 languages