QRepublik Key

GDPR Compliant Data Protection Based on Full Anonymity

A new perspective on data protection

  • Concept

    When we talk about data leaks, it basically means, that someone has accessed the database and downloaded all the information. It doesn't matter whether it is a bank or a huge social network - any server with its databases has weak points: from infrastructure and system problems to a simple human factor. Until data becomes valuable, it is under threat.

    At QRepublik, we came to the conclusion: what if the data is not valuable? Servers’ weaknesses can give access to the data, but if this data is simply useless (in our case, it isn’t personalized), this is not a leak, since there is nothing private and it does not pose any threats to the owner of the data. As a simple example, the information that John has diabetes is valuable data, but in the case of depersonalization, the unnamed "diabetes" without any connection to John is just a word that doesn’t mean anything personal.

    To this end, we have developed QRepublik Key - a medical identifier system that completely depersonalizes personal data within the system, making it simply useless for theft. But in the case of using ID, the separated blocks of personal information are merged together into a profile with a foreign key stored inside the QR code and play a salutary role.

  • Nothing personal

    QRepublik stores several bricks of information that do not merge into anything personal - only unrelated pieces of data without personalization

  • We need your merge key

    The only way to collect a profile is a QR code, which is in the ID or part of the login, which QRepublik doesn’t store inside

  • Cross encryption

    Even the bricks of data are encoded with a key stored inside a relative brick.